Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions
  • We accept credit or debit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express), cash, and checks at our discretion.

  • A credit card non-refundable deposit of $100 is required on booking.

  • We will expect full payment due 10 days prior to Event, *unless otherwise agreed through Grand Events 4U.

  • Cancellation Policy: If we are notified 48 hours in advance we will be glad to assist you with planning another event date as schedule allows.
    *Sorry, No Refunds.

  • Full payment is due, charged against your credit card, on the day of the Event.

  • The Customer is responsible for providing the playing space and ensuring that no State, County, Municipality, Householder Association, bylaws etc. prohibit activities like Laser Tag. If a Event cannot take place for any of the former, or similar reasons, payment is still due in full.

  • All participants, or their legal guardians, must sign the liability release form. You cannot participate in a Grand Events 4U Tagger event without signing the liability release form. Failure of participants to sign the liability release form is not a reason to not pay for, or request a discount off the Event.

  • All animals and pets should be restrained, or kept indoors, during setup through breakdown of the Laser Tag Party. The play area should be cleared of all hazards, including dog stool. Failure to do so, or other potential safety issues will result in the cancellation of the Laser Tag Party with no refund.

  • GRAND EVENTS 4U is not responsible for the weather and the GRAND EVENTS 4U Crew is responsible for making a weather related play/no-play decision. For a Laser Tag Party that does not start, or has less than 50% of the expected playing time due to bad weather, the participants will be offered a rain makeup date for the party. If possible an alternative indoor venue should be available for bad weather.
*Pictures taken by GRAND EVENTS 4U at an event are owned and copyrighted by GRAND EVENTS 4U. GRAND EVENTS 4U hosts and any of the participants, who have signed a liability release form, are granted a non-transferable license to use these pictures. GRAND EVENTS 4U reserves the right to photograph participants for publicity purposes. The quality and number of pictures taken at a Laser Tag Party will vary depending on various factors including; environmental conditions, lightning, number of participants, demand on crew time, etc. GRAND EVENTS 4U does not guarantee a photo album, or picture CD, for a Laser Tag Party event.