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DJ Kat Mobile DJ in  Richmond Virginia

Mobile Event DJ in Richmond, Virginia.

DJ Kat has been providing DJ Services since 1998. She began as DJ at the age of 16 for a well known DJ company in NY and decided to venture on her own in 2005.

DJ Kat has delivered the best in mobile entertainment, performing for delighted guests at thousands of events. She has years of experience and will keep your guests dancing, entertained, and having the time of their lives.

DJ Kat is known for her outgoing and spunky personality and will make your event one to remember. Her organization skills will give you peace of mind and will make your event a flawless occasion.

Kelly KD Productions Richmond Virginia Kelly with KD Productions Kelly has been a man of many talents in the world of entertainment. From radio show host, actor, DJ, standup comedian, and Nascar host, Kelly has more than made himself available for any entertainment need. Kelly has years of experience as a DJ and motivational speaker and will keep your guests well entertained. His comedic and professional personality will make your evening one to remember.
We offer DJ Services for the following as well as many other events:
On a side note: DJ Kat and KD like to pride themselves in the following areas of DJing:
  • Free consultations in person or on phone to go over all details of the event and to answer any questions anytime about their event.
  • We do not charge extra for set up or break down of equipment, we also do not charge extra for any lighting. Everything is all included.
  • We play what the person hiring us wants to hear; not what we want to hear. We are also very good about reading the audience and taking requests.
We offer professional services across the board. We know that you are looking for BEST for your special event. Our team has been recognized for their marriage of our creative approach and our Strategy. Our goal is to create an event that be beyond even YOUR expectations.

We perform regularly for many key players in the industry. We are referred by many event professionals including event facilities, photographers, event planners etc.

We would love the opportunity to work with you!


Philosophy: We believe the music and person performing (DJ/MC) can “make or break” your special occasion, whether it is a small intimate group, a large party, or a combination of both. The philosophy of DJ KAT is to generate emotions through music based on your style, your taste, and your vision.

That means, DJ KAT will not play the YMCA, Chicken Dance or any other dreaded songs that are commonly played by most DJ companies.

When guests leave an event, they will remember if they had a good time or if the DJ was horrible. We take the “horrible/bad” option out! DJ KAT Entertainment’s DJ/MC’S understand that music today is so much more then it was in your parent’s age. We know some songs still have sentimental feeling and classics will always be classics, but your style of music should be incorporated into your event. Though there is something people feel, or believe in, when it comes to original artists, DJ KAT’S Entertainment can give you the best of both worlds; your style and your guests’.

DJ KAT Entertainment takes pride in providing a style-based performance from the moment your guests arrive until the end of the night.

The manipulation of the music makes DJ KAT Entertainment’s concept very powerful! With the technology that is available, we have combined our DJ’s of personal talent with technologically advanced skills.
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